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Look forward to workshops, film screenings, an art exhibition
and more! It’s an exciting five-day event for the whole family.

Club Rainbow (Singapore)

Opening Concert video

Join us on our space expedition at this year’s Dreamseeds Arts Fest! Enjoy music and dance performances headlined by our performing arts beneficiaries, and get a behind-the-scenes look at their artistic journey. We will also be premiering the music video for this year’s theme song, Universe Crew, during the opening.

So buckle up, troopers, and get ready for the space mission of a lifetime!

Set a reminder for the Premiere

Programme Highlights

27 Nov, 7.30 pm–8.30 pm

Opening Concert Video
Watch it here


27 Nov–1 Dec

Daily Fest Activities

See the full schedule

27 Nov–1 Dec
(all-day access)

Virtual Art Gallery

Visit here


performance highlight:
Here we dance

A collaborative art project with Rolypoly Family

Where do you feel safe and happy? 
Where would you like to be?

“The library”
“Where I am spinning”


Where do you like dancing?

“This dance studio”
“I like the library but it’s not great for dancing”

Here We Dance is a dance-making project with four youths from Club Rainbow, facilitated by Rolypoly Family’s dance artists. Through movement, conversation, drawing and craft, the youths shared - verbally, textually, and graphically - about where they would like to be and where they like to dance, and made short dances that were adapted for the Dreamseeds Arts Festival online concert. Eventually, their dances - practised, performed and filmed in the Rumah P7:1SMA studio and edited remotely - are presented in the digital space as short dance videos. The videos, comprising the youth’s solos, drawings and craft, were carefully edited and composed to reflect the energies, artistry and preferences of each of the youths, who provided input and approvals for the videos.

Jared Lee Junle (Tip Top Dance)
Rachel Tai (title was hand-drawn)
Ruby Peng Ju-Chen (Blank Positivity)

Yam Fu Yuan (Uptown Funk)


Lead Artist: Faye Lim
Assistant Facilitator: Kwek Yixuan

Videography: Thirdstreet Studio

Editor: Neo Jialing

Video Consultant: Salty Ng Xi Jie


Special thanks to Bernice Lee


2021 festival
theme song


I’m on a mission

To create a change

Show the universe

That we are all the same


I’m on a mission

To find a cure

For hatred and dis-crimination

Get rid of them all



Black holes & tornadoes

We turn them into rainbows



I am an alien

Riding our spaceship

Gotta keep going

Sprinkling our magic

We may be different

But don’t be discouraged

We’re gonna do great things

In this galaxy

(Nothing can stop us!)


There are people in need

Sending an S.O.S

We gotta get there quick

And lend a helping hand!


Repeat Pre-chorus & Chorus [Instrumental Bridge]

Repeat Chorus

Written by participants from the
Songwriting Programme:

Teo Li Li
Aiden Chan
Lee Jin
Ruby Peng Ju-Chen
Sequoia Gabriela Tze Hwei Khng
Aaron Tan


Co-created and performed by selected participants from the Music Mentorship Programme:

Lee Jin - Keyboard

Aiden Chan - Guitar

Syasya Dalili Suhaimi - Guitar

Anastasia Mary Chieng Zhi Wei - Drums

Teo Li Li - Vocals


Supported by mentors Lisa Haryono and Rachel Lu from Thunder Rock School


Produced and Recorded by Leonard Soosay (Snakeweed Studios)

Visual Art


A culmination of photography

works taken over the years by our beneficiaries.


Also on display are new Christopher Hart-inspired illustrations created by our beneficiary, Kieran, under the mentorship of Melissa Tan (a.k.a. Paintinks by Melt).


Held completely online, the art gallery will showcase our beneficiaries’ works in photography, diorama making and more! Get a glimpse of the world through their eyes.


Virtual Art Gallery

House of
Our beneficiaries paired up with seniors from Kampung Admiralty Active Ageing Hub to realise their dream spaces in the form of dioramas. Led by Jaxton Su, this collaborative project will be displayed in a multimedia fashion, with videos featuring the artists being screened on the back of the diorama structure.
Talent Development
Fund Capsule

The Talent Development Fund (TDF) is an annual scheme that aims to recognise and nurture the non-academic talents—such as the artistic talents— of our beneficiaries. This collection will showcase the works of the featured beneficiaries’ year-long journey in creative self-discovery.


Led by local illustrator Candice Phang (a.k.a. Puffingmuffin), our beneficiaries ventured beyond the boundaries of traditional watercolour painting and created explosive works of colour and whimsy.

Mixed Media
Collage Painting

Nine beneficiaries, together with their caregivers, created mixed media collage paintings in response to veteran local artist Goh Beng Kwan’s Kreta Ayer (Urban Renewal), Love is Blue and Tea Merchant. This programme was organised in collaboration with the National Gallery Singapore and led by Elisa Liu.

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