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A huge thank you to all who played a role, in one way or another, in making this event possible! It takes a village indeed.

Festival Programming Team
Elaine Yeoh
Priscilla Tan
Safiah Sulaiman

Special thanks to:
Teo Siang Loong
Ler Jia Ying

Marketing & Publicity

Charlene Chew

Community Partnerships

Melody Xu

Concert Producer

Third Street Studio

Concert Partner

Objectifs Centre
of Photography & Film

Virtual Exhibition Build

Xctuality Pte Ltd

Animation Company

The Little Black Book (TLBB)

Supported by

Programme Partners

Candice Phang (Puffingmuffin)

Co:Creation Workshop, Mary Bernadette Lee and Tamimi Pohan

Converge Studios

Elisa Liu

Intune Music

Jaxton Su

Joshua Wijaya

Kamini Ramachandran (Moonshadow Stories)

Melissa Tan (Paintinks by Melt)

Music for All, Music with All

National Gallery Singapore

NTUC Kampung Admiralty Active Ageing Hub

Objectifs Centre of Photography & Film


Ragavan Balasubramaniyam

Renee Lau (Odyssey Music)

Rolypoly Family

Snakeweed Studios

Sound of Chariots

The Storytelling Centre Limited

Thunder Rock School

Voices of Singapore

Special thanks to Se7en Friday and The Hive Studios

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